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Best student blog…

Hi everyone! If you want to check outĀ  good writing, you should check out Lauren Online’s blog. She is one of my classmates, so I know here very well. She really loves writing and she enjoys it very much. She writes very often and long posts. It’s as if when she stars writting, she is unable to stop! She does wonderful posts and she is one of the smartest person I know. Her posts are always very long, and she always has something to say, she is amazing!! You should really check her out! To see her blog just click over here: http://laurenonline.edublogs.org/

Those are the reasons why I am voting for Lauren for the contest! šŸ™‚

Best new student blog

Another person I am voting for is very good at writing. In my class, everyone is very good at blogging, but some of us are better in math, or in sports, although, some of the people in my class areĀ better in blogging. He knows how to write long posts, and short posts. He can do fictional posts, but also informational posts… His name is Edward. Edward is a new blogger from this year, and he has already got all the blogging skills!!

Go check out his blog over here at: http://edwardonline.edublogs.org/

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