Woof woof!! :) Edublog Challenge 2

You like dogs? Then you should really go see Ocean’s blog! She is a HUGE dog lover, she almost only talks about dogs! She also donates money to animals, to the RSPCA.

Her site is: http://oceanl2014.edublogs.org/

She may talk a lot about dogs, but she still talks of other things, so even if you don’t like dogs, you can still go and visit her blog! She talks about herself, cooking, her weekends| holidays, and more!

blog- anne- ocean

You should really go and visit her site, it is really good!!!



Photo credit: Ocean’s blog


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  1. dear Beatrice
    I love you blog I will soon make a blog about your blog.
    if I got a Pomeranian, I will get 2 when I am older I don’t no what I will call it I name my pets when I see them. also I do no what golden-doodles look like my friends neighbour has one there’s is just a puppy it is so cute.

    from Ocean

  2. Hi Beatrice I like the post that you did on Oceans blog I like dogs a lot you make me feel like going on Oceans blog and I will good post idea. I like the picture of the cute little dog good post nice details you will make lots of people go see Oceans blog.

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