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My biggest dream is to go to the Olympics one day. I would like to go in speed skating. Another part of my dream is to be in the Canadian team, which skates almost every day in the arena Maurice-Richard in Montreal. They practice at least two time per day, 6 days per week. The Olympics I’m focusing on are the ones of 2022. I would like to go to the ones of 2018 but I’m going to be too young.

Before going on the Canadian speed skating team you need to go on the team called CRCE which is a team of people who are about 15, 16, 17, 18, 18, and 19 years old.

Beatrice skatingI like speed skating because I am really competitive and I like to do competitions. I like to do competitions because my coaches can compare me with the other girls and I can see what needs to be better in my technic.

I also like speed skating because everyone is so nice and you can make friends with everyone even though you are against them. At the end of (almost) every race the girls and me say “good race” and give a “high hive”. At the begging of every race, the girls usually say “good luck” or something like that.


Even though speed skating is not really popular, I really like it and hope I will go to the Olympics one day!

Do you have a dream like me? If yes what is your dream, and why is it your dream?

Photo Credit: Beatrice Online

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  1. IM BEATRICE SISTER , And I Think that beatrice will make it to the olympics someday … you go Sister i cant wait to see you in the olympics , and you will represent our amazing country , CANADA ! Go Canada Go !! hahahaha i love you so much !!! xxxx

  2. I think if you know what you want to be when you grow up you should just go for it and live your dream. Dreams are made to be true and if you want to have that dream then go for it. I cant wait to see your other posts.

  3. What a fantastic dream! You seem to have done some research about how to get to the Olympics and you are clearly passionate about speed skating. I really like how you are competitive but still respectful of those you are competing against. I hope to see you in the Olympics in 2022!

  4. Thank you Ms.M
    As I was saying in my text I respect the people that I race against and they are now my friends, although on the ice when it is a race we all want to win and we are very concentrated. I really like speed skating and I REALLY hope to go to the 2022 Winter Olympics!

  5. Quelle belle photo de toi! :)
    Tu travailles fort. Je suis convaincue que tu réussira à atteindre tes objectifs. Nous ferons un projet sur toi durant les Olympiques d’Hiver de 2022. Tu n’auras qu’à te présenter pour voir si nous avons bien fait. ;)

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