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Sochi is the place where the winter Olympics were taking place. Sochi is in Russia. To prepare for the Olympics Sochi has spent a lot of money, but that doesn’t make them better than everyone else who received the athletes for the Olympics. If you looked at the Olympics, you would of seen that there isn’t a lot of snow! People even say that it is the hottest winter Olympics they had ever seen. One time the boys who skied called it Slochi.Anne Beatrice Sochi

This year the Olympics in my family were really waited for. We couldn’t wait to watch speed skating and all the other sports. When Canada won a medal, my mom couldn’t wait to tell me and when she told me she had a big smile on her face. She even downloaded an app on her iPad so she would know how much medals we won, and some other news.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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The Best Movie You”ll Ever Watch


The best movie ever is Il était une fois les boys. I know that Elena has already made a blog post about this but I just really wanted to do another blog post to show that the movie is really good!

The movie is actually inspired about a series of man who play hockey only for fun (which is called Les Boys). Il était une fois les boys is the movie about when they were young. They are a gang and the movie was filmed at the time of Christmas, so they filmed it at Christmas time and they spend it together. The movie is really funny and there is a part that is very sad. The sad part is when someone dies. The person that dies was Benoit, and Benoit was my favorite. I was really sad and I also cried. Benoits real name is Maxime Gibeault.

Anne Beatrice il etait une fois les boys googleIn the movie Benoit has a girlfriend and at the school dance they dance together and kiss and I have to admit that I was a little bit jealous. I wish I was that girl!!

One of my favorite part of the movie was at the end, even though Benoit was dead, all the boys in the gang went to their secret place and threw their winning medals in the lake where Benoit died because the ice cracked.

The funniest person in the movie was Marcel. Marcel is the funniest in the movie because his eyes were crooked and he isn’t very smart. He doesn’t get key informations and that is really funny. An example is once, for Christmas they went to church, and at the end of a song he clapped his hands but he was the only one doing it.

I was kind of the only one in the room to laugh but it was still very funny.

Do you have a favorite movie, if yes what is it ? Did you ever watch that movie and if yes did you like it?

Photo Credit: Mediafilm

What Is A Mini Goldendoodle?


A Goldendoodle is a cross-breed/hybrid dog made by breeding a golden retriever with a poodle. The name was fond in 1992.

Anne Beatrice mini goldendodleAt first, the original purpose of the Goldendoodle was to attempt to develop guide dogs suitable for visually impaired individuals with allergies. the Goldendoodle is sometimes called a designer dog.

A Goldendoodle is usually made to be with a family because he is a family companion dog. It may suit families with dog allergies, if the puppy has inherited hair characteristics of the poodle parent.

Somme can be good for helping in careers of humain as guide dogs, therapy dogs and all sorts of assistance dogs. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Sports I Will Watch At The Olympics


For now the only sports I have watched are ski, figure skating, and a little bit of long track speed skating, but I plan on watching a lot of short track speed skating. The athletes I will follow the most are Charles Hamelin, Valerie Maltais, and Marianne St-Gelais, but I will follow some more.

What sports will you watch at the Olympics, and who are the athletes that you will follow?

Anne-Clara Beatrice speed skating

Photo Credit: Mohamed Ibrahim, Clker

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Olympics Opening Ceremony




The Olympics opening ceremony was spectacular. It was a very nice show and I really liked the colors. When the athletes came in, my mom and I liked to look at the vests and say if they were ugly or nice. We also looked at how many athletes there were for every country. Some had a lot and some had not many. Once a country came in with flip-flops to like tell us in a way that they come from a hot country.

My sister and I found that the women’s that came in with every country looked like Lady-Gaga. Her style was like her and her look was like her. I did not get to watch it all because I had to go to bed early but I really enjoyed the parts that I watched.

Did you like the opening ceremony also?


Photo Credit: Sochi Olympics Committee


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Why Did He Do It?


Iqbal novel Anne Clara BeatriceLast day, I was talking about Iqbal, and I said that Husain Khan (his master) always gave him hard patterns and that he was able to do them, well now I’m going to talk about what happened when Iqbal broke a carpet.

I think Iqbal broke the carpet because he was mad at Husain and he wanted to show Husain Khan that how he treats them is not right. It’s my opinion but what he tried to do, I think it didn’t really work. I think he would of liked it if Husain Khan would of said something like“ Oh my god, I am very sorry for everything that I did to you and I know I don’t really treat you well but will you please forgive me.” What he did just made Husain Khan mad at him for maybe the rest of his life and now he is in a bad mood for the day. I think he shouldn’t of done it because he could of payed off his dept.

Why do YOU think Iqbal broke the carpet?


Photo Credit: Simon & Schuster

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My Dream


My biggest dream is to go to the Olympics one day. I would like to go in speed skating. Another part of my dream is to be in the Canadian team, which skates almost every day in the arena Maurice-Richard in Montreal. They practice at least two time per day, 6 days per week. The Olympics I’m focusing on are the ones of 2022. I would like to go to the ones of 2018 but I’m going to be too young.

Before going on the Canadian speed skating team you need to go on the team called CRCE which is a team of people who are about 15, 16, 17, 18, 18, and 19 years old.

Beatrice skatingI like speed skating because I am really competitive and I like to do competitions. I like to do competitions because my coaches can compare me with the other girls and I can see what needs to be better in my technic.

I also like speed skating because everyone is so nice and you can make friends with everyone even though you are against them. At the end of (almost) every race the girls and me say “good race” and give a “high hive”. At the begging of every race, the girls usually say “good luck” or something like that.


Even though speed skating is not really popular, I really like it and hope I will go to the Olympics one day!

Do you have a dream like me? If yes what is your dream, and why is it your dream?

Photo Credit: Beatrice Online

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Tactik, Austin and Ally, Les Parents


canadaonscreen tactikTactik is about a group of children from about 13 years old to 20 years old. I like that show because it’s funny and there are a lot of things happening at the same time.

I also love Austin and Ally because it’s also funny. Austin and Ally has 4 characters. Austin is the singer, Ally is Austin’s song writer and his friend, Dez is the cameraman and Austin’s best friend (which is also Ally’s friend). Trish is Austin’s manager and she is not really serious. Trish is also Ally’s best friend and Dez and Austin’s friend.

Les parents is also one of my favorite tv show because it is REALLY FUNNY!!! Les Parent is about a family (3 kids wich are boys and parents).What is funny about them is that they are always saying jokes and doing bad things which are funny. (The T.V. show is called les Parents because their last name is Parents.)

What is your favorite T.V show?

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Loopy My Puppy


Loopy BeatriceMy puppy’s  name is Loopy. He was born on August 22nd 2013. So he isn’t even 1 years old, he is 6 months old. My dog is a Golden-Doodle. My mom, my sister, and I went to get him at a raising place where he was so small that he was in a box with his brothers and sisters. We chose him because he was the one to step on his brothers and sisters to come to us. My friend came with us and she was in love with another one and wanted us to take him but we didn’t choose him.

Now he is really cute and adorable but in the morning and at night he is a real monster, he eats everything he sees, and he will chase you to try and bite you!

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The True Story About A Brave Little Boy


amazon Iqbal Masih

Iqbal is a book about a little boy who is very brave and wanted to stop child labor. He has been very brave and wanted to make a difference. Even though Iqbal has died young he was a great example and good little boy.In the book Iqbal they  work a lot. Husain khan is the master. He is very mean and he is not generous. There is an old boy in the story and he is 17 years old and his name is Karim. Since he is old he is the overseer. An overseer is someone that will look after the kids working. Karim is weird because sometimes he seems on the kids side but sometimes he is on Husain Khan. Fatima is a little girl that is 10 years old. She is the one that tells the story. She was in the factory for now 3 years.

People in the factory think that she is Husain Khans pet. She sometimes agrees. The kids at the factory have debt to pay for their families. How the system works is that they have a small black board for themselves and they have lines on them. Each day that Read the rest of this entry »

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