Lauren the super writer!!
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Hi everyone! If you want to check out  good writing, you should check out Lauren Online’s blog. She is one of my classmates, so I know here very well. She really loves writing and she enjoys it very much. She writes very often and long posts. It’s as if when she stars writting, she is unable to stop! She does wonderful posts and she is one of the smartest person I know. Her posts are always very long, and she always has something to say, she is amazing!! You should really check her out! To see her blog just click over here:

Those are the reasons why I am voting for Lauren for the contest! :)

Have a wonderful day!! Beatrice

“Smart” Spray On Bandage Reports Healing Progress By Lighting Up!
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Did you know that it could take up to 500 days for an injury to heal? One of the reasons for that is because the bandage you put over the injury covers it, so the injury can’t breath. But luckily, someone has invented another type of bandage that is actually a spray! It is see-through, so the injury can breath, it takes less time to heal, and it doesn’t hurt to take it off! It’s a win-win-win situation.

It’s an amazing idea right? Go now, get in your car, or on the bus, and go buy some!!!

If you want to read the whole article, you can come check over here:


Top 5 Best Songs
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1. Life of the party- Shawn Mendes

2. Somebody to you- The Vamps

3.She looks so perfect- 5seconds of summer

4.Oh Cecilia-The Vamps

5.Amnesia-5seconds of summer

What is your top 5 best songs?

Looking For A Good Book? Here’s This One!
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One of my favorite book is The fault in our stars, but if you don’t like sad, love stories, then don’t read the book and don’t go see the movie.

So the book The fault in our stars was written by John Green. And the movie is based on the book.

The book (and movie) is based about two teenagers, Hazel and Augustus, who both have cancer.the fault in our stars- anne

Hazel and Augustus meet at support group. And through their journey they fall in love. They go to Amsterdam to visit an author, who they both really loved, but they get very disappointed when they learn that the author is crazy, he has a drinking problem, and his house is a mess. He wouldn’t be able to live without his assistant. Hazel and Augustus were really disappointed, they insulted the famous author

Can`t Wait For High School😜
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I can`t wait for high school, but for now, I am still in sixth grade. My school`s name is St.Lawrence, and it is amazing! The teachers are super nice and they try their best for the students to succeed. Not only the teachers are awesome, but the special education people are too. They help everyone and make sure we are all equal.

Every year, there are special trips. The grade 6, for their graduation trip, always go to Quebec City for the whole day. We go there by train. Another trip we do is go to a sky trip, that is only for the grade 5`s and 6`s. It is really a fun day! Speaking of fun day! Every year, at the end of the school year, we have fun day. In fun day we have lots of activities planned for us. We spend the day outside, but the best part is the afternoon. In the afternoon we are free to do what we want outside. We can have Mr.freezes and firemen come and wet us with the fire hose! The water is freezing cold, but it is awesome!

Now I`ll talk about High School! The high school I will go to is Heritage Regional High School. The school is placed in St.Hubert, Quebec, Canada. In the school you have a multiple choice for what kind of programs you want to go in. Or you can just go in regular program. The program I chose is sports excellence. As you may have seen in my earlier posts, I love sports, and the sports I do are speed skating and road biking. So I decided I would go in Sports Excellence – Speed Skating. Even though the school doesn’t offer the program of speed skating, I can still do it, but my skating coach will have to sign a paper that will show that I have done enough work for a week.hreitage high school logo - anneclara

The school is in English of course, but it is very big!!! A lot of kids that went to my elementary school go there now, so I already know people.😸

I can’t wait to go to high school, but I will really miss this school and the teachers!😭

What You Put On The Internet Is Permanent!
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Page_1When you humiliate or bully someone, it can hurt their feelings, even if you do it on the internet, but in the end, it can end up hurting you! So be careful to what you do and say on the Internet because it is hard to erase.

Chasing Yesterday
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At school, I have started reading the series of books chasing Yesterday. The series have 3 books in it. The first one is called awakening, the second one is betrayal and the last one is called truth.anne chasing yesterdaY

The books are about a girl who wakes up from an explosion but she forgot everything from her past. Then the hospital sends her away in a center with kids that need help too, and over there, she finds a friend: Daniel. But a day later, her mother finds her! So she goes back home with her mom, even if she didn’t remember her. And at the end of book one, we learn something very bad! (I’m not telling you!) So on book 2, Daniel and her* go out alone to find out answers about her past.

*I am using the word “her” as her name because we are not very sure what is her name from where I am in the books. And I don’t know what happens in book 2 or3 because I am only starting book 2.

Mulid En-Nabi – Mohammed’s Birthday
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Not a lot of people know about Egypt, so I decided to talk about this today. I am not going to talk about Egypt itself, but about one of the festivals. It is called Mulid En-Nabi. It is to celebrate the birthday of Mohammed. Like we have Christmas to celebrate Jesus, they have Mulid En-Nabi to celebrate Mohammed’s. This festival is celebrated by every Muslim.

It is celebrated on the twelfth Rabei’ el Awwal, which is the third Muslim month. On the eleventh day of the festival, we call it the Blessed Night, and in towns and little villages throughout the country, huge processions of pilgrims are taking place. Some different religious orders take part, they wear beautiful and colorful turbans and headbands, and they also carry banners. While crowds chant their praises to God, Dervishes, who are religious dancers, whirl around, in other words, they dance and jump.anneclara dervishes

In the evening, people make fireworks, and there are recitals of religious songs. In the upper Egypt part, there are horse races, the horses kick up the dust in the dry sands of the desert.

The celebration can also be celebrated at home. Children get sweets from their parents. The sweets are sugar dolls for the girls, and the boys get sugar horses. The children also learn about the stories from the Hadith, one of Mohammed’s life that had been compiled by his followers soon after the prophet had died.

I hope you learned some things today! As we say, I’ll go to sleep smarter today!!;)



Paint Experiment|Edu Blog challenge 5
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UntitledAfter the comic life experiment, we used paint. With paint we were able to color and to make shapes on the computer. Here is what I made.

Page_1In class, we had to do a comic life comic. We only had like like 15 minutes, and we didnt have that much pictures to use, so please don’t hate on my picture! We were only experimenting with comic life and it was the first time using comic life for a lot of people in my class. But I had already used it, so I knew how it worked.