Get A Job!

Hey everyone! I don`t know if you guys remember, but one day I talked about the short movie “The Nightmare At school”, and I was talking about what it was about and what was happening. Well in class we had to go back to the site and listen to another short film. This time, I went and listened to the movie “Get A Job!” This movie was made by Brad Caslor, in 1985.get a job anne

It basically talks about a dog that needs to get a job  and he has this vision of what bad things could happen. I think the director was trying to show us that it is normal to be really nervous before getting a job, but it is still important to stay calm and normal. Throughout the film we see the dog going to different job interviews and one time he’s all small and way too quiet, the other time he is mean and big, and the last time he is overconfident. The dog was never being himself and he was always being rejected for it. The employers didn’t like his attitude, and so they didn’t take him for the job.

This short film is basically a musical. There is singing and dancing the whole time and they don’t talk a lot. A part that I found a little bit confusing was the beginning. There were big dogs singing a song about getting a job, and we could see the dog going into stores to get jobs, and he would never get picked. Then when he went back home, his wife seemed to be leaving him, and then he goes on the sofa, watches television and falls asleep. During he is asleep, it actually is him dreaming of what it happening.

I really liked the movie and I think some of you guys should go check it out! It’s only 10 minutes 35 seconds long! Here is the link for the video!! Hope you enjoy.


Chasing Yesterday Blurb

jkh8bsuldtfrbvobvncmhntyAre you looking for a good book that pulls you in? Great! Because I have the best book for you. Chasing yesterday, by Robin Wasserman, it the book you need, why? Well, because when you start reading it, you can`t stop! You get to follow J.D. in her discovery of answers about her past. Although, before you read book #3, don’t forget to read books # 1 and #2.

Author of the book: Robin Wasserman

Photo Credit: Barnes & Noble

My 6 Eyes


The first picture was an art work made by the famous artist, René Magritte. I pretty much chose this picture because I was making a project on René and I came across this picture. Since it was an eye, I decided to take it for this project. It basically shows and eye with the reflection of clouds in it. It is simple, but I still find it really nice and interesting.

The second picture is simply just a blue eye. I took it just to show that my theme was ”eyes”.  I only took it because its an eye and it represents the eye ball.

The third picture, guess what it is!! It`s Mona Lisa`s eyes! When I found this picture I was really happy. I was happy because that was the kind of pictures I was looking for. I wanted somethings that people would recognize and would say “Hey I know that!!” And I wanted people to find my work interesting. Continue reading

Hamelin Academy

If I could design my own school, it would be a high school.  I would make it huge, and the playground would be huge too. The playground wouldn’t be for playing, it would be a sports center. My school would be high quality, and it would be one of the best sports school in the country. In the summer, the students would practice summer sports, and in the winter, they would practice winter sports.

To get in the school, you would have to be a top student, with great grades, and you would have to be an excellent athlete. If you are good in only sports, or only school, you get all the help you need to become excellent in both school and sports, and so you can still go to my school. Although, Continue reading

Quebec Games

Hi guys! Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged, I have been very occupied, one thing that has been occupying me, is the Quebec Games! Not so long ago, in December, I have been selected to represent Montreal Concordia, in Drummondville for the Quebec Games, in Speed Skating.

anneclarabelley jeux du quebecIn March break, I am not going to Cuba or Mexico, I am going to Drummondville. The Quebec Games are separated in 2 blocks, some sports are in block 1 and some in block 2, my sport is in block 2. I will leave from Montreal on March 3, at 12:30 pm. The bus that brings me to Drummondville holds 3 sports; there is Speed Skating, Badminton and Taekwondo. Continue reading

Never Ending Post!!!

The  next post will be very long! I will start with one subject, and I will always add different subjects, that relate to the one before. Lets get started with the first subject!!

Eco-Friendly Designer Transforms Garbage Into Glamorous Outfits

The article basically talks about the young woman, Kristen Alyce, who decided to become a designer, but not just a normal designer, a garbage designer! Before you start thinking she designs garbage’s, I’ll explain. Kristen designs dresses that are made out of garbage! If you go see the article, you see the dresses she has made, she made them out of skittle wrappers ,or even Target Plastic Bags. It’s really incredible, and you might be thinking that it might be ugly, but its far from being ugly! It’s really creative and artistic. This women had an excellent idea and I really admire her work.

She came up with this idea when she realized how much things she had and she wasted with her three room-mates. She had made a really nice dress at first, but she was actually just testing her creativity. When she saw how good she was, and how nice her dress had been, she made others! Continue reading

The Nightmare At School

In class we had to look at a short movie, and write down the fears of the little boy, and weird things that were going on in the movie.

nightmare at school 12345678910In this short “movie”, the little boy seems to be afraid of going to school, but more precisely, I find that he looks scared of doing a sort of presentation. Throughout the short  movie, we see his friends present, and we see him making sure that his presentation object is still in his pocket. He also seemed to be scared of meeting or seeing people. I get this impression because he was always trying to hide, or be alone.Then at one point, I got the feeling he didn’t want to see his “future”  and how he turns out to be in life. He was in an office, and he was seeing pictures of his friends future, but when it came to be his, he wasn’t able to imagine or look at the picture of older him. Continue reading

My Legs

My legs are as powerful as a bull seeing the color red.

They give me the privilege to walk anywhere.

They would help me defend myself if I had to fight with a bear.

I can compare myself to the people that I compete against when I go through the Quebec province to do biking races.

I can do the school’s sports team, and finish in good places.

My legs let me do my speed skating races, and after my races, I can make friends with my competitors.

In the end, all I would need are legs!

The Blank Signature By: René Magritte INC.

the blank signature wikiartI find this picture very interesting, it caught my eye and I like the fact that it was an obtical illusion. The colors are very different from what we normally see, they are not dark, but they aren’t pale either. I liked that the women’s coat is purple, where the whole picture is green or light Brown. It switches our eye from the other colors.

At first, I hadn’t caught that the horse was cut off, I had to look at the picture a second time to find it out, and when I caught it, I found it surprisingly weird. You don’t quite know what is going on in the picture, and that is why you want to take a closer look at it.

Information on the painter:

René Magritte is a famous painter from the early 1900’s. He was born on November 21st 1898, in Lessines, in the province of Hainaut, Belgium, and died at the age of 68, on August 15th, 1967. Continue reading

Does weather affect our mood?

Question: Does the weather affect our mood?

Hypothesis: I think that yes the weather affects the mood of someone.
I have noticed in my past life that I was very more likely to be all happy and smiley on a sunny day than on a rainy day. It is as if the sun brought sun in our lives, and the clouds brought dark grey clouds, and that makes us all moody. So I certainly think that the weather affects our mood.


  • Survey Tool
  • Weather Forecast (specify which one)
  • Notebook (for analyzing results)
  • Computer, and printer


  1. Make a survey to mark answers your test subjects answer to your questions.
  2. At the end of the day, ask questions to your test subjects about how they felt that day (example questions: On a scale to 1 to 10, today have you felt angry a lot? or, On a scale to 1 to 10, how happy was your day?)
  3. Write down the answers of the questions on your survey, and at the end of your experiment, write it on the computer, and print it out.

Don’t forget notes:

–  You have to do the experiment on at least 2 sunny days, and 2 “not” sunny days.

–   Your test subjects do not have to be the same age, even try to get some people from different age groups.