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Hi everyone! This is just a little message to tell you that I will be absent for the summer and won’t be writing or answering comments. But don’t worry, I’ll be back next year with new posts! I am finishing school on Friday this week (June 20, 2014).  I will restart school late in August. But even though I won’t be there and won’t write posts as often as usual, you can still come and visit!
We only have 2 days left of school and I am very excited to finish school! Tomorrow at school, it is Fun Day. Fun Day is a day where you do lots of fun activities and you get to eat snow cones. And at the end of the day, the firemen come and SPLASH us with their water. I find Fun Day Fun! ;)
And on Friday, we are maybe going to go to the park with only our class. Its also going to be fun!

Have a great summer!

-Beatrice Online

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Dream House



If I were to win a dream house building contest, here’s what I would do:

My house would be huge! The yard would be huge, the rooms would be huge, the kitchen would be huge and even the garage would be huge. I would have a super big pool in my yard and a really big spa. My yard would have a trampoline, a play ground and a big productive garden. My playground would have slides, swings, and some sand to ma sand castles.

There would be 5 rooms upstairs and 3 downstairs. My room would have a bathroom in it (there would be a door to separate) but it would be only mine. My wardrobe would be a walk-in and I would have a T.V. in my room. The other rooms would be medium-sized. Down stairs there would also be a bathroom (not in a room but downstairs).

If you won a dream house building contest, how would you design it?

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Best Friends Or Not?


“You’re it” said Tom as he played hide-and-go-seek with Sara, Tracy and John. Tom, Sara, Tracy and John had been best friends since grade two. On the first day of school when Mrs.Pierot had paired them all up for being desk buddies, no body knew each other and they weren’t happy not to have friends with them. Tracy had even refused to sit with them and had  moved her desk away. But Mrs.Pierot didn’t agree.

At recess time, they all complained to their friends how their teacher was mean and how they hated their desk buddies. “Urg, I hate them so much. They’re really mean!” Exclaimed Tom to Jill Bo.

When recess was over, Mrs.Pierot assigned a team work with your desk buddies. They weren’t happy, but it seems that the next, everything was okay and they weren’t just desk buddies, but best friends!!

“So, best friends 4evs!!??? ” Said John

YES was the answer of the rest of the group!

They had had lots of adventures in forests, parks, ect. One sunny morning- on the day after their sleepover, Sara’s mom had been preparing break-fast for the kids, when she heard a BOOM coming from upstairs. So she went up to check and found out that they had made a secret lab in Sara’s room. When Tom came up and said it wasn’t Sara’s fault but his. Sara’s mom told Tom to leave and to never come back, so Tracy and John stood up too and Sara’s mom did the same thing she had done to Tom. So Sara didn’t have any friends left, only her, and herself. She was all so lonely and sad. Everyday at school, Sara didn’t talk, didn’t play, she just stood there like a loner outside at recess. She was boring! But the worst part is that her mom didn’t care, she didn’t do anything about Sara’s depression even though she saw Sara was miserable.

KNOCK KNOCK was the sound on the door.

“I’ll get it” said Sara’s mom.

“Hello Mrs.Week’s (that was her last name) we are her to tell you that what you are doing to Sara (and to us) isn’t fair. You shouldn’t keep your daughter from having friends and playing with them. We are kids, we will make big errors in our life and you should know because you were a kid once and I am sure you’ve made plenty of errors as one.”

Please forgive us for what we have done and let us play with your daughter!” Said John (with Tracy and Tom.)

You’re right John. What I am doing to you four isn’t very professional and I would like to be forgiven. Am I?”

You truly are Mrs.Weeks!” Said Tracy.

So as the kids went outside to play with Sara, Mrs.Weeks had a smile on her face. She was happy to see that they were happy to play together and she was really happy to be forgiven. She realized that she had been a little bit too harsh on them and they didn’t deserve to be separated for any reason!

They stayed best friends for life!




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How Could I?


When I was about six or seven years old, I would dream of being an actor.

I’d love to dress up and put on shows with my friends. One of my friends used to have drawers full of costumes and sometimes we would play a game that we were T.V. models and we would be all dressed up and pretty. We would sometimes make shows in front of parents. Sometimes we even made sketches  in teams and the judges would decide who would win (the judges were 2 of our friends picked by everyone). When I was with one of my friends, we were unbeatable! We were so funny that we would always win.Beatrice

But now my dream is to go to the Olympics in road biking and speed skating.

When you were six or seven, what was your dream job, and what is it now?

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

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Interview With Aurélie!


Hello everyone, I’ll be interviewing Aurélie from the book Aurélie Laflamme. The book is from India Desjardin. (But the book is in French). aurelie laflamme

When I put a Q, it means QUESTION

When I put an A, it means ANSWER.

Q. Aurélie, we all know that you don’t like Truch (which is her best friend’s, Kat, boyfriend) but, is there a little part inside of you that doesn’t mind him?

A. No. I don’t think so, he’s so selfish and everybody always has to agree with him. I hate people like that!

Q. Alright, I understand. But now let’s talk about Nicholas (or Faux-Ryan as you say). Do you like him or are you being honest to Kat when you say that you don’t like him?

A. I don’t know. I think I like him but I’m not sure. He’s nice and all but I don’t know.

Q. Okay so you’re not sure. But do you at least find him cute? And would you like it if you had a boyfriend?

A. Well I think I find him cute. He’s alright. Not the cutest, not the ugliest. And for the boyfriend part, I hate boys, so I don’t think I want one.

Q. That’s fine. Now let’s talk about school! You said that you were put in francais enrichi by error. Why do you think that?

A. I think that because I’m not smart. I get the lowest grades in the class! I think I should be put in a normal class, but I don’t want to ! When you are in a francais enrichi class, the other classes look at you like you are very important. And I really like that!

Q. Yes, I get your point! So thank you very much for this interview, Aurélie. It was a pleasure to meet and discuss with you!

A. You’re welcome! It was a pleasure to meat YOU!

If you had to interview a caracter from a book, who would you pick and from which book?

Photo credit: Google

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I really love the forest and nature. I like spending time in the beautiful weather on green grass and not hearing big trucks and cars all the time. I also really like the city but I get annoyed sometimes and I never get annoyed in the nature. The nature is beautiful and the sounds of insects are unbeatable. It is just so natural and waking up to their sound is amazing.  Camping is one fun-nature activity. Playing outside, beautiful view, ect. Although I like the kind of camping in a tent, not in a trailer. I feel that camping in a tent is real, but camping in a trailer, you’re not actually camping but more like living in a smaller home and closer to the forest.

forest-BeatriceMy family was never a BIG fan of camping, but one time I had a biking competition in Lac-Megantic (at the time it wasn’t destroyed) and we didn’t bother to take a hotel, so we went camping! I was really happy, just the fact of pacting and un-pacting made me really happy even-though none of my friends were there, I still had lots of fun.

So between the city and the nature, I would have to say that I like more the nature. (But I still really like the city and going shopping!)

If you had to chose between the city and the nature, What would you choose?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia commons

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Apple Monster!


Apple monster was in town!

But he only eats apples!

Cats running!

Dogs running!

Even people without fears are running!

Fire fighters aren’t supposed to be scared of anything, but still, they’re running!

Great, now everybody is running!

However, there’s someone that’s not running!

I think I know who he is!

Jasmine also knows!

Kayce probably knows too!

Lot’s of people know!

Maybe everybody, but a lot of people!

Nobody’s walking but him!

Open your doors because people are going to come in fast!

People will knock as hard as they can to come in!

Qestion for you, why don’t you let them come in!

Roxane let’s everybody in, why not you!

Stop being so selfish and let people in!

Thank you, now I know that you understand!

Universities think it’s very important to bring people in when Apple monster is in town!

Vacations (only when you do activities) always tell you to help people!

When is the monster going to leave? he’s being annoying!

Xylophone monster was the one not running away from Apple monster!

You know, as I was saying that someone wasn’t running away from Apple monster, well, he was the one!

Zipper monsters hate Xylophone monster because they are scared!

Beatrice online applemonsterPhoto Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Music All The Time!


Music is a big part in my life. It helps me wake up, I can calm down with music and in the car it puts in entertainment! I pretty much have to listen to music everyday. I don’t actually play any instruments or sing very well, but I can play flute and I’m not that bad of a singer. I have music games that I can play on the WII like Glee karaoke, dance dance revolution, Just dance, ect.

Beatrice online musickeyWhen I hear a song I like on the radio or on T.V., I will go and put it on my Ipod, and sometimes, if my dad also likes it, he will put it on his Iphone!

I like to watch movies or T.V. shows that sing and dance a lot in it for example, Grease, Glee, Teen Beach Movie, ect.

I think that my “passion” for music started with my dad because he was always listening to music when my sister and I Were young and now, we are both really into music.

Even though I really like music, right now I don’t  have a favorite song, but I really, really, really like One Direction and their song Midnight Memories (I like their other songs too though) and I also really like Cody Simpson’s new song with Ziggy Marley “LOVE” Another song I really like is MMM YEAH from Austin Mahone and Pitbull. It would be way too hard for me too choose one favorite song from all of those good songs!

If you want another “opinion” about music, you can check out Juliette Online. She has a post about music also!

I would like to know, What does music mean to you? And what is your favorite song?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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My Passion


One of my passion is road biking. Every summer I do biking competitions and every winter I do speed skating competitions. My bike is a Giant which is a company. I call him my companion and team-mate because he is the one that I do competitions with and that I train with.

My bike is grey-shiny and GIANT is in light blue. I got my bike 2 years ago as a gift because I was doing progress in my work and working hard in sports.

Sometimes my dad will do a joke and ask me “so do you want to sell your bike or not?” And I will yell a big “NO”! He does that because he rents bike in the summer and he wants me to react. It works all the time!!nice and they go to every competitions. I am changing group because at my old group they weren’t at the competitions. They only did trainings, and at the trainings they didn’t practice us for the competitions.

My group is called Lapraicycle Primeau Velo. We are a group of about 26 people and we go to every competitions! Everybody is really nice to everybody and everybody is friends with everybody! This year I have a lot of friends and I am really happy because last year I didn’t really have a lot. My dad is even the head coach!

I really love my group! :)

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Never Visit


There is a place in this world that I wouldn’t like to visit. I find that the place looks scary Beatrice Afghanistan destroyed villageand I feel like it has a lot of destroyed parts and that scares me. That place is Afghanistan. Another reason I wouldn’t want to visit it is because in our class this year, we read a book called Breadwinner and it took part in Afghanistan. Afghanistan was taken over by the Talibans, and girls weren’t  a loud to leave their home. Men would do the shopping, and if there weren’t any men left in the family, a girl could be turned into a boy. The book wasn’t a true story, but it was partly true and something similar happened over there. Since that story, I am a little bit traumatized and scared by Afghanistan and those are my reasons. I really wouldn’t want to visit Afghanistan, I feel as if that place has been really destroyed and I don’t know if people will think that I am selfish and mean to think that but I don’t want to go there.

Do you have a place you never want to visit? If yes, you can comment it and tell me where!


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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