The Blank Signature By: René Magritte INC.

the blank signature wikiartI find this picture very interesting, it caught my eye and I like the fact that it was an obtical illusion. The colors are very different from what we normally see, they are not dark, but they aren’t pale either. I liked that the women’s coat is purple, where the whole picture is green or light Brown. It switches our eye from the other colors.

At first, I hadn’t caught that the horse was cut off, I had to look at the picture a second time to find it out, and when I caught it, I found it surprisingly weird. You don’t quite know what is going on in the picture, and that is why you want to take a closer look at it.

Information on the painter:

René Magritte is a famous painter from the early 1900’s. He was born on November 21st 1898, in Lessines, in the province of Hainaut, Belgium, and died at the age of 68, on August 15th, 1967. Continue reading

Does weather affect our mood?

Question: Does the weather affect our mood?

Hypothesis: I think that yes the weather affects the mood of someone.
I have noticed in my past life that I was very more likely to be all happy and smiley on a sunny day than on a rainy day. It is as if the sun brought sun in our lives, and the clouds brought dark grey clouds, and that makes us all moody. So I certainly think that the weather affects our mood.


  • Survey Tool
  • Weather Forecast (specify which one)
  • Notebook (for analyzing results)
  • Computer, and printer


  1. Make a survey to mark answers your test subjects answer to your questions.
  2. At the end of the day, ask questions to your test subjects about how they felt that day (example questions: On a scale to 1 to 10, today have you felt angry a lot? or, On a scale to 1 to 10, how happy was your day?)
  3. Write down the answers of the questions on your survey, and at the end of your experiment, write it on the computer, and print it out.

Don’t forget notes:

-  You have to do the experiment on at least 2 sunny days, and 2 “not” sunny days.

-   Your test subjects do not have to be the same age, even try to get some people from different age groups.


Narrowing Down!!☺

For the science fair, I have six ideas of what to do as a project. But now I had to narrow down to about three or four. So what I did is that I went again over the books and the sites, and I read what to do on the experiment once more. Some of the experiments when I went back, I found a little bit weird. For example, the one called “Helloooooo!” was not complicated, but I had to do way too much things to actually complete the experiment, and I needed too much materials. Another one that I found weird when I went back was “Weather Wear.” All I had to do was look at the difference between what people wear when it is winter, and summer. It was way too easy for me!

I also eliminated “How stress affects the body” because it was too long to do, and it was hard to understand. I am sure that I could of had done it, but I had to do a lot of things to complete the experiment, and I found it “uninteresting.” So I didn’t take it. I kept “Staying Focused” because I really find it cool. I have to write things on different sheets of paper, and put color on it, then make people read it and see if they stay focused. I find it awesome! ;)

The other two that I kept were the motivating music and the weather and mood ones. They are my favorite because they make me do things that are fun. They also make me learn a lot of new things. The others too, but with these, I learn Sunny day, anneextra!!:)

falling rain. anneAlthough, my favorite one is still the weather and mood one.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (Falling Rain)

User: Tomascastelazo

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (Sunny Day)

User: Famartin

Science Fair Brainstorming!!😃 Books

In my last post I was talking about my science fair ideas that I had found on  the internet, now I will be talking about my ideas that I found in books. My top 3 choices were these:

1. Staying Focused, StarWars book (Pg.56-57)

2. Weather Wear, Science Works (Pg.24)

3. Helloooooo!, Super Science Fair Projects (Pg.90)

The books I went in were pretty old, but I still found interesting projects in them. My favorite one is the “Staying Focused” one. It was kind of funny, and it was a really good idea! I found it interesting and the things we had to do were cool.

The Weather Wear was also pretty cool, although it wasn’t hard enough, and it was just about the difference of what people wear in the winter, from the summer. So I don’t like it as much as the “Staying Focused”, Bu I still like it.

And the Helloooooo!, experiment, I find weird, but cool! It had to do with how we talk to each other, and what would happen if there was an object between you and the person you are talking to. That one too was way too easy, and it required way too much materials, so it is my third favorite, in books..

Science Fair Brainstorming!!😊 Internet

For my science fair project this year, I decided to choose the topic of: “Does the weather really affect mood?” Durring this experiment, I will be looking at the weather, and my mood. I will maybe even ask my parents or my sister to help me decide if the weather affected my mood. The research I will be doing is pretty simple, so that will leave me a lot of time to make my presentation perfect. I will not start it now, because the science fair is in a long time, but we are getting ready because my teacher wants us to be ready in time. All we are doing for now is choosing our topics.

I want to be different this year though. Last year I had done it too (not the same subject) and my friend and I had done it on a fair poster, but this year I would like to do it as a power-point. I know that a power-point can be long to do, and very complicated, but I can pull it off! But if my teacher doesn’t want me to do a power-point, I will just stick with the fair board, and it is in a long time, so I have time to think about it. :)

Here is the link for the project:

I would love to do the weather one, but if it was not possible, I would have two other choices, I explain them down here: Continue reading

Losing My Coach

This week, I just learned that my skating coach was not going to coach anymore. He has a knee injury, so he decided that if he wasn’t going to be able to coach on the ice, he wouldn’t coach at all.

He was my favorire coach, the on I could actually go talk to and tell him anything. I knew him more than I knew the others, and he knew me a lot. Enough  that he knew my weeknesses, and my strengths . He always told me what I needed to do to perform, as if he knew I was able, and I was the best. That is what I liked about him. I felt cared about a lot with him. (Not that I don’t with others, but mostly with him.) That is probably what I’ll miss the most about him.

I hope he comes back next year, because I really loved him as a coach. And this will be a long year without him as a coach. I will miss him so much! I really hope he comes back next year.


💫Edublog Nomination💫

Best student blog…

Hi everyone! If you want to check out  good writing, you should check out Lauren Online’s blog. She is one of my classmates, so I know here very well. She really loves writing and she enjoys it very much. She writes very often and long posts. It’s as if when she stars writting, she is unable to stop! She does wonderful posts and she is one of the smartest person I know. Her posts are always very long, and she always has something to say, she is amazing!! You should really check her out! To see her blog just click over here:

Those are the reasons why I am voting for Lauren for the contest! :)

Best new student blog

Another person I am voting for is very good at writing. In my class, everyone is very good at blogging, but some of us are better in math, or in sports, although, some of the people in my class are better in blogging. He knows how to write long posts, and short posts. He can do fictional posts, but also informational posts… His name is Edward. Edward is a new blogger from this year, and he has already got all the blogging skills!!

Go check out his blog over here at:

“Smart” Spray On Bandage Reports Healing Progress By Lighting Up!

Did you know that it could take up to 500 days for an injury to heal? One of the reasons for that is because the bandage you put over the injury covers it, so the injury can’t breath. But luckily, someone has invented another type of bandage that is actually a spray! It is see-through, so the injury can breath, it takes less time to heal, and it doesn’t hurt to take it off! It’s a win-win-win situation.

It’s an amazing idea right? Go now, get in your car, or on the bus, and go buy some!!!

If you want to read the whole article, you can come check over here:


Looking For A Good Book? Here’s This One!

One of my favorite book is The fault in our stars, but if you don’t like sad, love stories, then don’t read the book and don’t go see the movie.

So the book The fault in our stars was written by John Green. And the movie is based on the book.

The book (and movie) is based about two teenagers, Hazel and Augustus, who both have cancer.the fault in our stars- anne

Hazel and Augustus meet at support group. And through their journey they fall in love. They go to Amsterdam to visit an author, who they both really loved, but they get very disappointed when they learn that the author is crazy, he has a drinking problem, and his house is a mess. He wouldn’t be able to live without his assistant. Hazel and Augustus were really disappointed, they insulted the famous author, and left. Hazel and Augustus were very disapointed, until the author’s assistant came out of the house, and invited them to the Anne Frank’s house.

They then go back home after the trip, and have a wonderful journey together, until…

Photo credit:

20th Century Fox